Taking The Last Train Out of Chicago and into The Dream

Note: I am beginning my professional blog with this post. I’m intending to use this platform to update folks on my career, my observations on sports media and related topics. ST. CHARLES, Ill. - Watching my fair share of HGTV over the past couple of weeks has affirmed two things. One: I definitely made the right career choice. I have zero ability to be an interior designer - among several other professions. Two: Taking a small break after the fast-paced, football-filled past year is fine, but I wanted to jump into the workforce probably three days after being home. I became so accustomed to meetings, giving departmental tours and writing everyday that I felt like I had something, probably homework to do, the Sunday after graduation. For the past three years, I knew my summer job plan no later than April. This year, it was different. I forgoed looking at internships, as I

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